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One type of butt-welded pipe fittings is made of welded pipes. For pipe fitting manufacturers, the forming process of welded pipes is basically the same as that of seamless pipes. The forming process of butt-welded pipe fittings does not include the welding process; the other is made of welded pipes. The welding process required by the pipe fitting manufacturer to complete the pipe fitting formation. Butt welding flange is one of the flange pipe fittings. It is widely used and promoted in different fields and industries. The scope of application in use is different, and the environment that needs to be used is also different. , Need to be used in accordance with certain conditions. Butt welding elbows are completed by welding two steel plates. Generally, large-diameter elbows use this process. Generally, butt-welding elbows with a diameter above 600 are basically butt-welded elbows.

Production standards: national standard, American standard, Japanese standard, British standard, German standard, etc.

Material specifications: stainless steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel, alloy steel, etc.

Applicable medium: gas, liquid, steam.

Connection method: Butt welding (welding) type.

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