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Common faults of flanges


As the flange is cast, the liquid metal uses a filling mold while rotating and solidifies. Flange casting has the following characteristics: Liquid metal can form a freely selected hollow cylindrical surface in the mold, so the hollow casting can be cast without a core, which greatly simplifies the production and management process of sleeves and pipe fittings. Can greatly simplify the casting process, improve production efficiency, and reduce costs. Due to the flange force, the filling conditions are improved. Gases and non-metallic inclusions are easily discharged from liquids or metals. Flange castings have a compact structure, good mechanical properties, eliminate or greatly save the consumption of pouring and metal, and the utilization of metal equipment is high. Due to the flange force generated by the liquid on the metal under different rotation modes, the flange casting Technology can improve the filling capacity of metals. Therefore, the flange casting method can be used to produce alloys and thin-walled castings with poor fluidity.

If the flange leakage problem cannot be solved in time, the leakage will rapidly expand under the corrosion of the medium, causing material loss, destroying the production environment, causing the company to stop production, and causing huge economic losses. If the accident occurs is a toxic, flammable and explosive medium Leakage may also cause poisoning, fire or explosion. Corrosion is the inevitable leakage of continuous production flanges in modern industry, corrosive media, temperature, pressure, vibration and other factors. Due to the dimensional error of the sealing surface, the aging of the sealing elements, improper installation and tightening, etc., flange leakage is prone to occur. .

In some traditional enterprises, the method to solve flange leakage is to replace the sealing element and apply the sealant, or replace the flange and pipe. However, this method has great limitations. Some leaks will be restricted by the safety of the work and living environment. Eliminating safety hazards and saving more maintenance costs for enterprises, we can now use polymer composite plugging solution, which has a very ideal method, especially in flammable and explosive environments, and also shows its unique advantages. Polymer composite technology has the advantages of simple construction process, safety, and low cost.

The same is true for large flange connections. The real significance of using flanges is that they have good sealing performance and can effectively protect the smoothness and sealing of the entire pipeline. It can not only improve the effective sealing of the enterprise, but also can be effectively disassembled. Of course, flange is an unusual product, divided into pressure levels, pipeline pressures, matching equipment or containers and matching materials, etc., but flanges are also indispensable accessories in engineering and play an extraordinary role.

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