Wenzhou Longtian Flange Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd.

Business purpose Provide customers with 360-degree satisfactory service and provide personalized service from the customer's standpoint.

operating strategy Based on honesty-pursuing the concept of honesty, enthusiasm and responsibility in our work. Consumer-oriented-as a guide and trusted friend of consumers, Introduce and provide the most suitable and satisfactory service for it. Technology-oriented-strive to carry out technological innovation, based on the development of the existing market, Nv Li explores potential markets and develops new businesses. Taking society as the foundation-the development of the enterprise conforms to the development mode of the society and takes the promotion of social progress as its own responsibility. And environmental protection business, seeking sustainable development.

Enterprise spirit Honesty and comity, harmony and unity, pioneering and innovative, and repaying the society. core value Passionate about work and provide customers with meticulous service. Be fair, honest and trustworthy, have a strict time concept, and pursue work efficiency. Promote team spirit, while respecting and encouraging individual talents and creativity. Have the courage to assume social responsibility and seek sustainable development.

ADD:High-tech Industrial Park, Longwan District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province


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